Bb* Environmental Ethos

Bb* Environmental Ethos
Hello! We have had a lot of customers recently requesting native/Australian-grown blooms and interested in chatting about the environmental impact of cut flowers.
So today, we thought we’d share a snapshot of our environmental practices at The Beautiful Bunch.
  • Seasonality and sustainability are at the heart of what we do and informs all of our decision making.
  • Over 90% of the flowers we use are grown locally, which is very, very important! We are working on this being 100%
  • We were the first florist in Melbourne (and still only one of very few) to partner with Reground to recycle all of our soft plastics.
  • We separate our green waste from our general rubbish and compost all green waste.
  • We don’t use any floral foam
  • Both our brown and white paper wrap are biodegradable
  • The wet wrap (the bag with water that keeps your Beautiful Bunch hydrated) is 100% biodegradable, the wrap inside that bag is 90% biodegradable.
  • Whenever the season permits, we purchase large quantities of stock from Ceres Joe’s Market Garden a flower and food farm just up the road from us, which sells beautiful, spray-free seasonal blooms. Sidenote- they have the BEST zinnias we’ve ever seen 🙂
  • We try very hard to minimise our waste! Last Saturday was a record in low wastage, with only two bunches of tulips and a bunch of gum remaining, THANK YOU to everyone who purchased flowers for the weekend.
We devote a lot of resources to thinking of (and putting in to practice) ways in which we can have not only a positive social impact, but an environmental one too!
Thank you for your support.
Bb* xo

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