Bud to Bloom

Our eight-month paid training program, Bud to Bloom, is at the heart of all we do at The Beautiful Bunch. The program’s focus is on building trainee skills in foundational floristry, business administration, and digital and financial literacy. We support participants to develop transferable skills and knowledge that will enable them to attain lifelong financial independence, and to embark on a meaningful career journey.

All training is paid and takes place in a real-world work environment, giving trainees the opportunity not only to build the necessary skills, but also the relevant work experience required. The program begins with foundation floristry - participant’s acquire botanical knowledge and floristry skills, and have the opportunity to make our daily Beautiful Bunches, which support our social enterprise.

Trainees then progress to the digital literacy components of the program, completing a series of online modules and mastering business administration and digital communication skills. Lastly, the program focuses on building participant’s financial literacy. These modules cover tax, superannuation and budgeting, empowering the young women at The Beautiful Bunch to navigate the complexities of the Australian financial system with the knowledge and confidence they need.

Our mission, reflected in every aspect of our course design, enables our graduates to not only secure employment and educational opportunities in the short-term, but to develop the skills, self-confidence, and social and professional networks that they need to participate fully in the broader Australian community, and to pursue their dreams.

Bb* Intro to Flower Arranging

These modules aim to provide valuable insights into the daily workings of The Beautiful Bunch's floral studio and equip new staff with foundational floristry skills. In addition to building botanical knowledge, this part of the program explores The Beautiful Bunch’s commitment to sustainable practices and the importance of being environmentally responsible, emphasising putting the planet first in all our business activities.

Bb* Administration Duties

These modules encompass all relevant information for effectively navigating the administrative aspects of The Beautiful Bunch. Emphasising the significance of workplace communication skills such as phone and email etiquette, they provide valuable insights into our daily business operations. You will also learn about using software applications like Asana, Excel, Shopify, and more, which are widely used in e-commerce and various other industries.

Digital Literacy Beyond Bb*

This component is designed to empower The Beautiful Bunch’s participants with necessary financial knowledge and skills in Australia. We emphasise understanding systems such as Superannuation and Tax, effective budgeting, and building financial independence. Additionally, we teach effective use of LinkedIn. These skills and knowledge are essential for young women to thrive in their personal and professional lives within the Australian context.