Beautiful bunches building brighter futures

Supporting young women from refugee backgrounds

Our Social Impact

What we do

The Beautiful Bunch is a Melbourne-based floral delivery service bringing joy through flowers and creating jobs for women from refugee backgrounds. The women we work with face significant challenges to securing a job in Australia. Our purpose is to support them to build the confidence, skills, and social networks needed to find meaningful employment.

Our Social Impact

Why we do it

We believe in a world where marginalised young women from refugee backgrounds have a sense of purpose and identity that drives their economic and social participation and improves their personal wellbeing. Our passion is to support the incredible young women who are a part of our team to overcome the barriers they face and begin the path to achieving their dreams.

“I came to Australia as a refugee from Egypt; it is hard to find job in Australia when you have just arrived without any skills and can’t speak English well, and have no work experience. I was struggling to get a job until I get a job at The Beautiful Bunch. Was lovely to meet the team, they accept me without a lot of work skills and everyone is nice, they do not hesitate to teach how to work with the flowers, and they helps me to meet new people who work at incredible design companies, which is my dream. I have gained so much more confidence since working here”.

— Alia, Trainee at The Beautiful Bunch.

How you make a difference

Flowers that feel good twice

When you order flowers from us, you not only receive a Beautiful Bunch of blooms, your purchase directly funds the work that we do. Our flower-loving community are our biggest supporters! It is you who enables us to provide vital, life-changing training and employment opportunities to young women entering the workforce for the first time.

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